Alternatieve parfums


Every idea and every project requires assistance and support in order to transform into something tangible.

The active physical involvement, for which we are so grateful to everyone who have dedicated time and effort to our cause, must be aided by both logistic and financial support.

If you wish to help us but cannot participate actively in our work, you can still bring your contribution through financial means. Aside from cash donations there are also other means of contributing as listed bellow:

  • Through the simplest method, by deposit into our current account with the Postal office account Number C/C 7664832.
  • Insurance forms, with a stipulation in the policy in favour of the foundation.
  • Fixed Asset donation in favour of the foundation, be it commercial, land, or residential properties.
  • Non fixed asset donation in favour of the foundation, such as donation of jewelry, vehicles, investment funds, paintings etc.
  • Testaments or Wills. Name the foundation as total or partial heir to your will.

We remind our donors that all donations are deductible for tax purposes. If you want to help us, donating even a single euro can make a difference in someone s life who will undoubtedly be forever grateful to you.